Glossary is a work in progress, for both format and definitions . . .

NOTE: This glossary is for the technical articles. These articles are advanced materials that I (Robert) have written for training practitioners. They assume an existing familiarity with certain fields and have not been dumbed down for general consumption.
TermDefinition / ExplanationNotes
Alternate Confront Process This process can be done on a terminal when grinding occurs. Commands: "What part (or about) that ...(terminal)... could you confront?" alternated with "What part (or about) that ...(terminal)... would you rather not confront?"  
Basic Basic    
Before and After Process This process is done mainly to help the Pc confront the specifics of an incident. It's often used to get the Pc past a stuck point. The commands are: "Spot a moment before the incident" "Spot a moment after the incident."  
Black Static    
Charged Terminal Rundown    
Confront Process    
Lifetime Clearing    
Lifetime Scanning    
Lock Scanning    
Morphic field   Term from Rupert Sheldrake
Prenatal Rundown    
Quantum R3X    
Responsibility Process    
Rising Scale Processing    
Shift "The Shift" and "The Shock moment" are almost synonymous  
Shock moment    
Six-Direction process The mainstay process of R3X, where the practitioner directs the client to put her topic above her, behind her, to the right, to the left, in front, and to the back of her. This guided visualization releases charge from the topic.  
Special Attention Process    
Static   as in "Separation from Static"
Telepathic metering    
Tone 40