Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Not yet completed

1. My memory is not very good. How could I contact memories I can't recollect?

The advantage of working with an experienced stress clearing practitioner is that "faulty" memory needn't be a hindrance at all. Working on one's own is somewhat like trying to tickle oneself: little stimulus is possible. However, when working with a practitioner, it is possible to stimulate memories that one didn't know were there. This is how the hidden and destructive parts of the traumatic past can be rooted out and cleared up. The parts that are easily remembered are not the problem. The problem lies with the hidden parts of the traumatic memories. It is expected that the person will not be able to uncover these easily, if at all, without some help.

2. But will I become dependent on a practitioner to handle all my stressful situations as they occur?

No. As the processee goes through stress clearing, he becomes more accustomed to and confident about resolving his past traumas. After a while he will be able to apply some simple procedures on himself if or when he experiences upsetting events, in order to keep his slate clean as he goes. This can be quite useful when dealing with family and work related situations. Heavy traumas, however, should ideally be dealt with professionally.