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NOTE: These articles are advanced materials that I (Robert) have written for training practitioners. They assume an existing familiarity with certain fields and have not been dumbed down for general consumption.
Do the usualApr 19, 2002R3X Course
Lock scanning in R3XApr 23, 2002R3X Course
Six-direction process not as tiringApr 26, 2002R3X Course
Telepathic metering 1Apr 26, 2002R3X Course
Telepathic metering 2Apr 26, 2002R3X Course
R3X on a childMay 27, 2002R3X Course
Auditing business ideaSep 26, 2002R3X Course
Possible itemsFeb 25, 2003R3X Course
Abridged recap of R3XApr 20, 2003R3X Course
Additional processesApr 20, 2003R3X Course
Additional R3X notesApr 20, 2003R3X Course
Differences between R3R and R3XApr 20, 2003R3X Course
Lifetime clearingApr 20, 2003R3X Course
Other topicsApr 20, 2003R3X Course
R3XD auditing the dynamicsApr 20, 2003R3X Course
Shift handling checklistApr 20, 2003 rev. Dec 10, 2005R3X Course
Shock moment handlingApr 20, 2003R3X Course
Running rudiments with R3XJun 19, 2003R3X Course
A rehab with R3XJul 28, 2003R3X Course
Telepathic metering 3Sep 5, 2003R3X Course
DramatizationsOct 10, 2003R3X Course
Telepathic metering 4Oct 30, 2003R3X Course
R3XD name changeNov 12, 2003R3X Course
Telepathic metering 5Nov 14, 2003R3X Course
R3X as a total techDec 5, 2003R3X Course
Charged terminal rundownDec 24, 2003R3X Course
Tone scale itemsFeb 24, 2004R3X Course
Meter TA knob preparationApr 20, 2004R3X Course
Six-direction process shortens time spent in handling chainsMay 21, 2004R3X Course
Telepathic meteringJun 28, 2004R3X Course; not RD item
Starting R3XAug 2, 2004R3X Course
Lifetime scanningAug 8, 2004R3X Course
Special Attention processAug 26, 2004R3X Course
Auditing as a careerAug 28, 2004R3X Course
New PC assessmentSep 12, 2004R3X Course
R3X checksheetSep 14, 2004R3X Course, note from editor
Name updateDec 7, 2005R3X Course, note from editor
R3X procedureApr 20, 2003 rev. Dec 10, 2005R3X Course
Handling entitiesSep 7, 2006R3X Course
Additional step for shock moment handlingDec 18, 2006R3X Course
New PC progamMay 16, 2007R3X Course
Alternate Confront process anomaliesOct 21, 2009DianeticR3X group
Tone 40 auditingOct 21, 2009DianeticR3X group
How was the pc feeling at the beginning of the incident?Oct 26, 2009DianeticR3X group
Running the key-in mechanism chainDec 5, 2009R3X Blog
The key-in mechanism chain and thoroughnessDec 25, 2009R3X Blog
Incidents and blank periodsMay 25, 2010R3X Blog
Charged terminal rundown revisedJun 24, 2010R3X Blog
Charged terminal rundown cautionSep 2, 2010R3X Blog
Order of importances: lifetime scanning, charged terminal rundownSep 3, 2010R3X Blog
Prenatal RundownOct 24, 2010R3X Blog
Completion of between-lives areaJan 7, 2011R3X Blog
Quantum R3XMar 7, 2011R3X Blog
Feedback on Quantum R3XMar 7, 2011R3X Blog
A variation of Rising Scale ProcessingAug 23, 2011DianeticR3X group
The auditing of planetary masses and morphic fields: a global clearing projectNov 9, 2011DianeticR3X group
The moment of blankness or unconsciousnessDec 13, 2011DianeticR3X group
Auditing Dianetcs on a ClearJan 6, 2012DianeticR3X group
R3XD revisitedApr 8, 2012DianeticR3X group
R3X auditor trainingNov 15, 2012DianeticR3X group
The moment of blanknessNov 19, 2012DianeticR3X group
Handling body problems via the body and GEJan 6, 2013DianeticR3X group
Success story applying R3XJan 31, 2013DianeticR3X group
Dianetics on Clears and OTs ruleJun 2, 2013DianeticR3X group
Black staticJul 3, 2013DianeticR3X group
Running the body and GE on R3XOct 26, 2014DianeticR3X group
R3XD still relevantFeb 23, 2015DianeticR3X group
Shock moments can be any flowFeb 23, 2015DianeticR3X group
Spotting connections to terminalsOct 20, 2015, rev. Nov 20, 2015DianeticR3X group
Spotting connections to terminals -- addendumOct 22, 2015DianeticR3X group
Rehabbing Scientologists by handling negative Scientology trackMar 13, 2016DianeticsR3X post; edited