The auditing of planetary masses and morphic fields: a global clearing project

November 9, 2011

From post to DianeticR3X Yahoo group

This is a procedure that I've only done on one person, even though many times, so it can hardly be called "Field tested" in the normal sense. But it runs so well that I felt a need to make it public regardless. I cannot guarantee any results with this process. All I can say is that it works exceptionally well with one particular person over the course of over 50 sessions. In fact, after a mass has been run out, his attention can be pointed to that area days or weeks later and he will note that that mass he ran out is still gone and the area is clean of it. The reason this process works so well with him is because he is very aware of these planetary masses and can spot them immediately when his attention is pointed to any one of them. So I deduce from that that a person without such heightened perceptions will not be ready for this process.

This is more of an upper dynamic process. In other words, it's for handling persistence masses and energies that affect us globally. Not that the process doesn't affect the client positively on the first dynamic also, which it does, but that's only incidental to the purpose of the process.

The reason I'm posting this process is in the hopes that enough other people will work on these planetary masses in order to lighten up this planet and raise its tone level the same way individuals can benefit from engram running. The more people that get involved in this project, the faster will come the raising of the planetary consciousness to a higher level by removing the black or negative energy surrounding it.

Take for example the world wars, the Napoleonic wars, the American Civil War, the destruction of the American Indian culture, the Crusades, and other national and international engrams and overt acts. There is still a lot of negative energy involved with those third, fourth and fifth dynamic traumatic memories. And that's just wars. Then there are plagues, cataclysms, religious movements, political movements, heads of state, criminal and otherwise suppressive groups, areas of crime, you name it. If there are overts and motivators connected with a sphere of activity, then there would be dark energy that could be addressed with this process. So removing these from the planetary case could be viewed as similar to removing engrams and BT's from the individual case.

The first step in the process is to have the client find an area of energy in the environment that is affecting people negatively. This could be a person or persons, e.g. certain politicians; or places, e.g. Chicago, New York, Hollywood, etc.; or major events of the past, e.g. major wars, plagues, disasters, revolutions; or items, like pains, sensations, emotions or attitudes of populations in general; or anything else that has negative energies surrounding it. Or the person could simply look around and see if he can spot a major mass somewhere, regardless of where. It could even be a long-past event on another planet like Mars or Markab, for instance. The reason it's there and how it affects people would be brought out when running the process.

The commands given here are suggested commands. If the auditor feels more comfortable with his own version, then he should go with that.

Here is the procedure:

• Get with the client to agree on a particular mass to run.

• Give the command "expand to the outermost limits of that mass (energy field, morphic field or whatever)".

• Run six directions on the mass. (Put it above you, good, put it below you, good, etc.)

The six directions process is done to the point where it reaches a full blow down, F/N, and erasure of the mass.

The client is then asked if he can find a being who has been mocking up that mass and in charge of keeping it mocked up.

If there is no being that shows up, the suppress and invalidate buttons can be used.

If the being is located in the physical universe, then the auditor should ask for a being above that in a higher realm and outside of the physical universe. The highest being on the echelon should be taken first. If after running the process on the highest one, the lower beings, should there be any, can also be run in order of seniority, assuming they still are important enough to be handled.

Here is the procedure for handling the entity responsible for keeping the mass mocked up:


Have Pc ask the entity: "What are you?". Accept whatever is given


Have Pc ask him: "What were you before you became that?".


Repeat and continue that step as necessary until the entity answers with "me", or "a being", or "theta", or "static", "nothing", or something similar.


Then tell the Pc to ask the entity "What incident are you stuck in?"


The auditor takes whatever the Pc says.


The auditor then says: "Have him move to a point before the incident he's stuck in began."


The auditor then asks: "What's there?"

It should be a point before any conflict starts. If not, then the Pc should have him find an earlier beginning until such a point is arrived at. Usually that is not necessary.


Then the auditor says: "Have him move through the incident he's stuck in from beginning to end"


Then auditor asks: "What happened?"


Then auditor says: "Have him take the incident he's stuck in and put it above him... good... below him... good... to the right of him... good..." (etc.)

This step is done to a BD F/N at which point the auditor asks how the incident is so far. If it's flat, he has the Pc get the entity to run through the incident again (unless of course the entity has already blown).


The auditor says "Have him move through the incident he's stuck in from beginning to end".

By this time the entity is often blown. If not, then the auditor has the Pc ask the entity if there is an earlier incident he's stuck in. This is rarely necessary. The above procedure is repeated to full E.P. and entity blown.

The entity could blow at any time during the procedure at which point the auditor would end off on that entity and move on to the next cycle.

The "Who are you?" question at the end of the Excalibur procedure can be used at the end, but if the entity is not blown yet by then I have to wonder why and if that question is an unusual solution. Personally I haven't had to use it so far. The same goes for directing the entity towards the maternity ward of a hospital or whatever.

If there is any trouble getting the cooperation of the entity, have the Pc assume the viewpoint of the "All-That-Is", "God", "Source" or whatever his concept of the supreme being is. Then have him give the commands to the entity from that viewpoint. The commands can be phrased like "From the viewpoint of the All-That-Is, have the entity move to the beginning of the incident he's stuck in..." etc.