Telepathic metering 5

November 14, 2003 on R3X Course

From a post to the Freezone America Board:
Posted on Friday, November 14, 2003 - 07:41 am:

Why everyone doesn't just try out telepathic metering is a mystery to me. It's very simple. You just get on a meter - I use the Clarity at sensitivity 32 - and run a simple process like Straightwire on another person while holding the cans and watch for meter reactions. That's all there is to it. There's no mental preparation, no "right thinking", no ceremonial dancing, or any other additive needed. You just audit as usual except that you're holding onto the cans instead of the pc. Now I won't guarantee you can do L&Ns successfully this way (I won't say you can't, either) but it is very useful when doing Dianetic auditing and you want to keep track of how the pc is progressing. I find it invaluable for this purpose. But now I don't have to rely on the pc's conscious reality. I can immediately tell if a process is not flat yet or if something is changing in the pc's space.

The added bonus is that the auditor I can better track with a pc the way only auditors who can see PCs' pictures have been able to do so without doing this. Those are the auditors who have had a reputation for being a cut above everyone else. But now anyone can have that advantage with the help of the meter.

Robert D.