Telepathic metering 1

April 26, 2002 on R3X Course

From a post to the Freezone America Board:
Posted on Friday, April 26, 2002 - 10:23 am:

I have no special preferences as to who I process as long as they are cooperative. I do many that are raw meat [as well as Scios]. I just give them a basic R-factor and handle them according to their cases. Usually I have to clean up this lifetime first before getting into past existences.

I used to run Dianetic auditing and Idenics by phone without a meter. I was forced into that position because of my location, which is distant from main Scn areas, the closest one being Miami. All I would do would be to ask the Pc for the data I needed at the moment. That worked quite well. Then I began to use a meter on myself and found that I was able to pick up reads telepathically. I recently wrote an article in the Free Spirit magazine about that technique, which I will post here at some time in the future.

Telepathic metering is simple and based on the premise that communications impinge and that that impingement, however subtle, will register on the meter. I use a Clarity meter and use it with the sensitivity up to 32, which is quite a bit higher than the normal range (normal being about 8). I have found that, with this technique, for the purpose of auditing, I could know everything I needed or wanted to know about the Pc's responses during the auditing procedure. I can even run repetitive processes, which I haven't been able to do without a meter. I just don't indicate floating needles for obvious reasons, but nobody seems to mind.

Robert D.