Success story applying R3X

January 31, 2013

From post to DianeticR3X Yahoo group

I'm posting this success story by Kim Baker as compiled by Ole G. It is a series of three success stories as posted on the IVy Yahoo independent scientologists list. (anyone who wants to join the discussions there need only go to to sign in)


This is a success story from Kim, living in South Africa, audited by Robert Ducharme, Florida - via Skype. And with the use of the E-meter.

Robert can be contacted at allphaomega@... .


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Just so you know.

If you are interested, appended below my write-ups after each session. We used R3X, and then switched to Excalibur in the 3rd session when it became necessary. I attest to being 100% free now of it, and also free and clear of any residue implants, which we picked up during the sessions, and handled.


Epic, EPIC win - Auditing with Robert Ducharme - Part 1

The only thing wrong with Skype auditing is that you cannot hug your auditor afterwards.

I have had an epic, and I mean EPIC win in receiving auditing with Robert Ducharme over Skype.

I have not ever received auditing before, in the Co$ or out, had a repulsion for the idea of receiving auditing since I left the Co$, and have been carrying the burden of my brief and traumatic track with the Co$, especially the incident in 1995 when OSA convinced me to betray the people I had been working with at that time (FACTNet and others) in opposition to the Co$, for over 18 years.

I just have not experienced anything like this before. He was so, so good, and his communication was splendid, I felt completely at ease with him, as we chatted generally at first, before moving on to the actual session. He was also very brave, as my Skype connection was not that great, but despite that, our combined intention to make it work overcame that.

The first session ran for an hour on 13 January 2013, and I had a major cognition, namely that I had been keeping the whole thing in place myself, because I felt I did not deserve to be free of it. We had to stop then as I was blown out, and ended the session.

I cannot believe how I feel – it is incredible. I have NEVER experienced anything like this. I feel like a megaton has lifted off me, I feel free and happy and light and joyous.

I was going to wait until we completed the whole process, but decided to post this now, in any case, as I just want to share the feeling.

I am so, so, SO grateful to Robert, and the Scientology tech he used for a *positive* purpose, and not like I am used to it being applied by the Co$, where it has been used to destroy people. Used with the intent to help, this stuff is so simple, and so powerful, and so beautiful!

To be continued,


Epic Win continues – Auditing with Robert Ducharme (Part 2)

I had a second session with Robert on Thursday 17 January 2013, and this one ran for just on two and a half hours.

(We decided to switch to telephone, as my Internet connection became more unstable, which affected the Skype connectivity. I have a really great deal on international calls with my service provider, meaning I can call for even less than the cost of a local call).

This session was even more incredible than the last one. We got into the really heavy stuff, and I blew so much charge, it has taken me a day to orientate again – actually I am still adjusting. I am not going into detail on all that was covered, but the overall area being handled is my extremely aberrated track with the Co$, and also, linked to that for me, my “repeller” of “cannot have/must not have auditing”.

Following some really major blow out from this session, it has been a rare occasion where I have been lost for words. :) But I have found some again now, and here goes:

In the first place, the connection and resonance was incredible. Robert was completely there with me, completely. His indications and directions were spot on, totally matching what I was experiencing, his presence was wonderful, calming and re-assuring as I experienced again, what it is like to be In Session. The stuff we got into this time was really heavy, and heavily charged. I could feel the charge surfacing, it was so intense, it was almost physical. And as I was going through it, and Robert was guiding me, I could feel it lifting, and blowing, it was the most incredible feeling – the relief, the sudden re-appearance of more ME. I saw things that had until then, been completely obscured from me, and the whole thing just slotted into place, with one realization after the other. It was stunning, just stunning.

I know this feeling and experience is old hat for many, but for me, it is a completely new experience. I have worked through a lot of this stuff in the past using other techniques, and did make good progress. I had managed to work from my consciousness being 75% locked up in this stuff to about only 15% locked up. But the remaining 15% I just could not crack on my own, and I knew I needed help to do that. And ONLY Scientology auditing could do this – it needed that precision, that specific technology to do it. And of course, a masterful, experienced auditor with outstanding TRs, communication skills and presence.

(As a side-note- I know I could never have received such great auditing in the Co$, they just do not have any experts like this left in the organization, and the environment is aberrated and suppressive – definitely not the place to receive auditing). I have just enough basic knowledge of auditing, having trained up as far as Level 2, to know a truly brilliant auditor, and Robert Ducharme is brilliant!

I am seeing instant results in my life – things like walking along and people smiling at me in the street for no reason, things like a project that I am working on, and suddenly seeing some aspects that needed to be amended that I had not seen before, and would not have seen. And a feeling of such incredible peace and serenity – coupled with enhanced perception - colours look brighter, sounds are clearer, everything is sharper and more defined.

There is simply nothing else like this in the world – THIS is what Scientology is about – THIS is why Scientology needs to be preserved and used. This has completely, and I mean completely changed and shifted the way I see it.

We have one last area to cover, and then we will be done on this. Until then, thank you for listening, and I will write-up my last part upon completion.

Epic win - Auditing with Robert Ducharme (part 3 and final)

Had the third and final session with Robert last night, 21 January 2012. It was amazing - having blown out such a massive chunk of charge the last time, what came up in this final session was most surprising (for me). Robert did not miss a beat, and switched to what was needed to handle this one, and we did, smoothly, beautifully, and to EP. All I will say is that we helped more than just me this time, and that was truly magnificent! :) :)

This has, as I have said earlier, been the most incredible, life-changing experience for me. I can say now, with 100% confidence and certainty, that I am healed, completely, and I am free of the thing that plagued me for almost two decades. I feel so wonderful, like I did when I was a child, where I wake up in the morning all excited at what the day will bring, and at what I can do today. I am truly happy, and I am fully myself, with missing pieces of "soul" returned and restored to me, for the first time in years.

Words simply cannot express my gratitude to Robert. His tech is fully based on that developed by Hubbard, with a combination that is breathtakingly efficient and effective, and it WORKED. Believe me, there is not many as would have taken on this particular complex entanglement, it took great courage on his part, and I truly thank him, and the root technology developed by Hubbard, with all my heart and all my soul. It HEALS.

And with this, practitioners of this technology have gained a new, active ally and champion in me - and they have Robert to thank for that.

Thank you for listening!