Spotting connections to terminals -- addendum

October 22, 2015

One additional point which I failed to mention in the previous post is about the area regarding the restimulative terminal. When that terminal is found out, the auditor can then ask "At what point did a conflict take place?" That would be the conflict that would create a ridge between the two parties. The auditor would then take up the read the Pc would come up with and steer him toward that point in time. That is the incident the Pc needs to look at in order to blow the charge. That charge will normally blow upon recognition and inspection.

The auditor needs to take up only one somatic at a time, and stay on it until it resolves. If it doesn't resolve, the assessment procedure needs to be done over again. Sometimes the problem is with addressing the wrong terminal, sometimes it's a matter of multiple terminals causing the somatic from different directions, sometimes it's not finding the point of conflict.

Robert Ducharme