Six-direction process not as tiring

April 26, 2002 on R3X Course

From a post to the R3X thread on the Freezone America Board:
April 26, 2002
[Ed. note--Revised to replace "Over/Under" with current name of "Above/Below"]

Dianetic auditing is peculiar in that it is very mechanical and linear. As such it can require effort and so be very emotionally tiring for the Pc. The 6-Dir process, on the other hand, bypasses a lot of needless efforting on the part of the mind in running incidents, so you get the same benefits without the exhaustion. The arbitrary here is not the Pc's case but the process. 6-Dir is a workhorse process that has no equal. It is what makes it possible for me to run raw meat on Dianetic auditing effectively and efficiently. Just this morning I got a raw meat Pc to run out the last 13 years with regards to her work, which had a lot of misemotional content connected with it. That got done in the span of one hour. I could never have done that without the 6-Dir process. Of course I always wrap up a segment of time with scanning to make sure it's all flat and nothing else surfaces, which it often does. By the end of the 6-Dir running, the Pc is normally ready to scan such relatively large periods of time.

But what CAN definitely cause the track to temporarily occlude is asking for earlier incidents before the later incident is flattened. Of course flattening each later incident doesn't preclude the inclusion of separate incidents as earlier beginnings.

Robert D.