Shock moments can be any flow

October 21, 2009 from R3X Blog

When running shock moments in any incident, it must be remembered that shock moments can be any flow. So if the Pc stabbed another person, he may have felt pretty good and justified about it, but there was almost certainly a shock on the part of the victim. There should also be a shock on the part of the perpetrator. Also, if there is a shock on the part of the Pc as a victim, one can assume there is an experience of the shock on the part of the perpetrator which would be a counterpart to the Pc's shock. The same would go for the 3rd party witnesses. For the perpetrator it may feel like a "thrill", for the third party it may feel like either rooting for the perpetrator and/or against the victim or sympathy for the victim or maybe a restimulation of his own case. Think of sporting events like boxing, wrestling, football, or the Jerry Springer tv show.

This is why all relevant terminals in the incident are included as viewpoints from which the incident's shock moments are to be run. Of course if they're numerous, they can always be grouped by categories.