Shift handling checklist

April 20, 2003 Revised December 10, 2005 on R3X Course

1. Before/After process on the shift

2. "Move thru that moment of shift from beginning to end."

3. Viewpoint after shift

4. Viewpoint before shift

5. Viewpoint of others

6. Viewpoint of creations

7. Pan-determined viewpoint

8. [Omitted] (was viewpoint of aesthetics)

9. [Omitted] (was viewpoint of ethics)

10. Viewpoint of Being

11. Viewpoint of Infinite Being (All That Is)

12. Viewpoint of Source (of All That Is)

13. Viewpoint of Static ("As Static, experience that moment of shift from beginning to end")

14. Viewpoint of Static run backwards.

15. Handle any unwanted feelings from the incident.

16. Check back on the present status of any phrases, feelings, or shocks noted down on the work sheet from later incidents and handle accordingly.

17. Handle goals. There are always at least two as relates to the item.

18. Get and handle computation. There is always at least one. (If the Pc if insists there is none and none can be found, then it may be better to let it go at that, but that's very rare. Finding a computation can sometimes be tricky.)

19. Run "Responsibility" process on incident.

20. Scan four flows from basic to PT.

21. Scan the item itself: "Scan out the item _____ wherever you find it exists in the universe" or any similar command. (This step works on high-level Pcs, but it's still experimental at this time as to who it can be used on.)

22. Ask Pc how the item is.

23. Scan session

24. Run havingness processes.

End of checklist.

Robert Ducharme