Running the body and GE on R3X

October 26, 2014

Up to recently I have been avoiding addressing the body and GE. However, due to the proximity of the thetan to the body, that factor has to be taken into account to some degree. This is especially true when chronic somatics and ailments occur and distract the thetan from his normal activities. That could be referred to as being PTS to the body.

In researching this area recently, I have had much success in turning on somatics in clients that wouldn't respond to regular R3X after it flattened.

The new approach is to get the client to run the area in question the same way one would run normal R3X, but from a different viewpoint. The procedure for this is:

• Two way comm about and define "body and GE". They are both separate entities, but I still take them as a unit for the sake of expediency.
• Determine with the client's agreement which time period/incident is to be addressed.

The basic commands are:
• Assume the viewpoint of the body and GE.
• From the viewpoint of the body and GE, move to the beginning of the incident (or that period of time).
• From the viewpoint of the body and GE, move through to the end of the incident (or that period of time).

The rest is handled just as in standard R3X procedure using the various buttons including efforts - counter-efforts, emotions - counter-emotions, thoughts - counter-thoughts, etc.

In handling long periods of time as in lifetime scanning, I would start with the recent past and work backwards. If earlier pictures pop up, which they most likely will, they should key out and disconnect from the more recent time period. The auditor should not be concerned with the GE's past lives or the body's genetic history, except to note down areas of great charge for possible future reference. One does not want to key the body into any earlier-life stuff but rather to detach it from this lifetime if it should come up.

This type of processing can be very "MESTy" and should be balanced with positive gain processing between these types of sessions. I recommend Power processing, but such things as ARC Straight wire or other positive-gain processes, especially unlimited ones, can also be employed.