R3XD still relevant

February 23, 2015

I haven't talked much about R3XD (Routine 3 Expanded by Dynamics) for a long time. That doesn't mean that it isn't still as effective as ever. It is still one of the main tools in my arsenal. Recently a client sent me a success story (unsolicited, as always) after having completed the 4th dynamic. Here is is just as she wrote it up and posted it onto the Independent Spiritual Technology forum:

Amazing gains from running the Dynamics 1 - 4

I have been receiving auditing from Robert Ducharme on a truly wonderful series of processes he developed, namely Clearing one across all of the Dynamics. It makes such perfect sense, as many strive to Clear themselves just on Dynamic 1, and then go OT, but ALL of the Dynamics really do need to be Cleared.

I have just completed Dynamics 1 - 4, and it has been truly incredible to have such clarity of my track across those dynamics. Everything makes so much more sense now. Dynamic 1, on all four flows took me to a core incident right at the start of my track, and it was incredible to uncover how the patterns of that core incident have been playing out in my various lives ever since. Dynamic 2 also contained the patterns from that core incident, and it was truly liberating to Clear myself from this perspective.

For me, the most loaded Dynamics have been the 3rd (groups) and 4th (species), and running them on four flows uncovered the most amazing aspects of my track that had previously been hidden from me, and again, flushing them out to the surface to view, it has made an *incredible* difference to my whole approach to life. I had been unconsciously playing out old, old patterns that were inlaid much earlier, and I could see how they were manifesting in my life as it is today.

In addition, while running the fourth dynamic, I have simultaneously been through a particularly challenging period in my life with some heavy issues to deal with, and I was pretty much ready to give up on it all. But in persisting through with this to the end, I now have a completely different and empowered approach to how I have dealt with it all, and I am now in a place where I can truly say I have never been happier in my life. I am filled with enthusiasm, vigor, joy, and love for life, and am not only NOT giving up, I am on the path towards flourishing and prospering and thriving.

Words cannot fully express my gratitude to Robert for all he has done for me, and again, I am simply blown away by his auditing skills - he truly is an angel, and I know many of his other clients who fully agree! :)

Thank you Robert, from the bottom of my heart, for everything! And now, on to the next set of Dynamics - I can't wait!

- ashanti


The point is that R3XD continues to prove itself to be a valid technology that produces positive results.

With regards to what one should do with the 8 dynamics, LRH said it in one of his lectures:

"Level VII, of course, is the 8 Dynamics. And we're right back at the beginning. It's the 8 Dynamics, and you run them out, and that's Level VII." -- (SHSBC TAPE LECTURE LEVEL VII, SH Spec-52 renumbered 415, 23 Feb 65)

Whatever LRH had in mind as to the means by which to run out the 8 dynamics, R3XD does the job too.

Robert Ducharme