R3XD revisited

April 8, 2012

From post to DianeticR3X Yahoo group

R3XD, for those who don't know yet, stands for routine three expanded by dynamics. The main difference between R3X and R3XD is that R3XD specializes in running out the dynamics as items.

Yesterday I finished running the second dynamic on a client. In the end he recognized that it was he, during the period before time (pre-MEST), who had decided to take second dynamic energy potential from his static state and make it manifest. He originated that he felt like a different person afterwards and that the second dynamic has lost its importance. He said "after identifying with those valences for so long [eons of time, since before the beginning of time], and then as-ising them, it's really different." He then added "and I wouldn't want to go back." He also said that he noticed that with the running of R3X, the valences blown are not just keyouts but permanent gains.

At the end of the first dynamic chain he had originated that he could have or not have any identity, after which he started noticing 2nd dynamic issues come into full view.

I bring this up because I find the running out of the dynamics to be a very powerful and spiritually transforming tech. One can run all 8 dynamics out, or go on to run out all 16 of the dynamics as per Geoffrey Filbert's manual "Excalibur Revisited". These upper dynamics are definitely for real and will run just like the lower eight.

Lest anyone think there is anything wrong with running out the dynamics, I would remind them of LRH's words: "Level VII of course, is the 8 dynamics. And we're right back at the beginning. It's the 8 dynamics, and you run them out, and that's level VII." -- (from SHSBC lecture 52 of 23 Feb 65)

The steps on how to run R3XD can be found in the files section of the Dianetic R3X Yahoo website. Anyone needing assistance on how to run this need only to contact me by e-mail.