R3XD name change

November 12, 2003 on R3X Course

From a post to the R3X thread on the Freezone America Board:
Posted on Wednesday, November 12, 2003 - 08:44 am:

I've decided to change the name of the R3XD process to R3X, or Routine 3 Expanded. This is to clear up any confusion on what it is.

The original intention by Revenius was to run the dynamics with an engram-running technique. He had stated as much in his posts and I dismissed it at the time thinking it couldn't be right because it would encompass too much and would most likely be overwhelming or run too shallow. So I wound up just writing up the process I was doing at the time and called THAT R3XD. Exactly one year later, a client, a non-Scio psychic lady who had never heard of Revenius and little about Scn, told me that a being she perceived to be Ron was telling her he wanted me to run my process on the dynamics. The attempt to convey a message despite the lady's lack of knowledge of Scn concepts like "dynamics" was not the most simple to do. But to make a long story short, I eventually understood and afterwards applied it - with phenomenal success.

So now I would like to make R3XD the process where the dynamics are run, as originally intended, and R3X the basic process itself as run on any item, whether all the way through to the shift or not. That way, the original intent of the term can be applied and put into proper perspective, and a distinction can be made between that and the basic process used.

My apologies for any further confusion this change might cause.

Robert D.