R3XD Auditing the dynamics

April 20, 2003 on R3X Course


Once a Pc can be counted on to reach basic-basic, he can be started on the dynamics. This is essentially what Revenius was referring to when he originally named the process Routine 3 Expanded by Dynamics. I caught on a year later and started doing this action, and it has been a resounding success. The dynamics are run out one after the other in order 1 through 8. The basic command is ".....an incident where you experienced the ...(number)... dynamic."

One would start by getting the dynamic defined.

Next step would be to ask the Pc to expand his space to encompass the ...(number)... dynamic.

That would be followed by the command "Locate an incident where you experienced the ....(number)... dynamic."

This should always be taken back to basic-basic and the shift handled.

If a person wants to go even further along this line, he can also do each of the dynamics through again, but this time "as the viewpoint of the All That Is", with the commands changed to fit that format.

Robert Ducharme