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May 27, 2002 on R3X Course

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Posted on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 11:09 am:

E-mail feedback from a client.

I got the following e-mail this morning from a client about her nine year old son who has a history of having strong emotional reactions every single time he goes by a particular kindergarten he attended years before. I edited it only for proper names.

[Start of relevant part of e-mail]
P.S. [Child] did want to talk and find out if my process was like his. He says he feels much better and does want to do it again.

P.P.S. I forgot to send this earlier so I get to add one more thing to this. We drove by [name of kindergarten] on the way to the movies and I asked [child] what he thought. He said, about what? That was the point. We were able to drive by the same [name of kindergarten] without him even noticing. I said that was what the process was suppose to do. : -)
[End of E-Mail]

This was his first introduction to clearing tech. His mother was also a new client, though she had started a comm course before.

What I did with him was to have him take the period of time he spent with this school teacher (one school year) and do the 6-Dir process on that to EP, followed by a lock scanning of that period of time with regard to that teacher.

An easier gradient would have been to get the teacher (the main enturbulative terminal) and do a 6-Dir on her to EP, then do the 6-Dir process on the teacher and him together to EP, and then do 6-Dir on the period of time.

As it was, the process took 40 minutes in all. I took the earlier of the two years he spent with her first in this case, so there is a bit more work to be done to completely flatten the subject.

Robert D.