R3X auditor training

November 15, 2012

From post to DianeticR3X Yahoo group

How does one become an R3X auditor?

The steps are quite simple as follows:

1. Do a Book 1 seminar course.
2. Do the Standard Dianetics course per the HSDC checksheet. or the NED course per the NED checksheet, or the Dianetics Today course per its checksheet.
3. Read the R3X materials, and apply them as they seem appropriate to be adopted and applied.

There are several places where Scientology tech is taught. One way to find such a group is to do a Google search on "independent Scientology". One website that immediately comes up is www.InternationalFreeZone.net which has a list of such places.

One could also do courses at a TIR or Traumatic Incident Reduction Association (TIRA) location where they do training. What I learned was that the training was a couple of weeks affair at about $500. U.S.. More information can be gotten from www.tir.org. Even so, I still think a good grounding in the original Dianetics material within the original Scientology context is important.

The reason I post this is because as much as I would like to think that anyone could become a competent professional auditor, there are just too many subtleties to be cognizant of, like the auditor's code, the importance of TRs, expecially TR-1, admin, Q & A, etc. These points are all taken up on the course.

The R3X course by itself is not sufficient to create an R3X auditor without the proper grounding in standard dianetics, which includes the TRs course.

Last I heard, the course favored by Ron's Org in Europe is the HSDC course of the early 1970's.

In the meantime, the Dianetics Today book would be an excellent book to study, along with DMSMH.

All of these books can be found in digital format and can be used with text-to-speech program like "Natural Reader". Same goes for all the dianetics study materials.