R3X as a total tech

December 5, 2003 on R3X Course

From a post to the R3X thread on the Freezone America Discussion Board:
Posted on Friday, December 05, 2003 - 02:06 pm:


R3X is not everything, but it is a complete tech. By that I mean that a Standard Dianetic auditor with no other training could apply nothing but R3X and handle anything a Pc could come up with. Ruds needed? Scan out the recent past. Life repair needed? Scan out periods of time with regards to certain subjects, like relationships, parents, school, work, etc. Mid ruds or end ruds needed? Scan the session out and take it from there. Entities bothering the Pc? Just continue to run the incident until the entity is freed. There are, of course, several ways of directly handling entities if need be, which from my experience, rarely happens, and which I won't go into here. Issues hard to come by? Scanning out the present lifetime section by section will keep the Pc busy improving his case until his ability rises to where he can tackle past lives.

What I'm saying is that one could practice as nothing but an R3X auditor and be able to handle anything and everything that the Pc comes up with. And the need for a separate C/S is not absolute. Because of the simpicity of the approach, one can do quite well C/Sing his own work. Non-Clear auditors would probably be better off using a C/S, however.

Not only that, but with R3X, one can handle every level from "raw meat" FORMER mental patients (don't want to deal with people while they're still on medications) to high level pre-OTs who've completed their bridges. And to tell you the truth, I find such former mental patients to be among the best Pcs. They tend to have plenty of obvious issues to work on, make noticeable gains, and are extremely grateful for the service provided, having already experienced the best the psychs had to offer, which is pitifully little and still in the dark ages. I have two such persons on my lines at this time (referrals from Dr. Herring) and they are both making excellent progress.

What all that means is that anybody who is a Dianetic auditor could make a viable practice out of auditing. Yes, I believe in training even though I don't deliver it myself, but that's easily available, whether in Sedona, or with the Metapsychology people (www.tir.org), or with any of a number of Free Zone groups.

The Free Zone can debate issues until Doomsday, but things will only start happening on a large scale when each individual in the Free Zone takes up the responsibility by either getting trained, training, auditing, receiving auditing, promoting the tech, or any combination of those. What I've done is outline a very simple, relatively quick, yet very effective way in which that could be done.

Robert D.