Prenatal Rundown

October 24, 2010 from R3X Blog

"Prenatal rundown" is just a simple designation I'm using for a series of actions intended to clear the prenatal area of all its aberrative incidents.

The theory behind the value of running the prenatal area so thoroughly is that the aberrations of this lifetime originate in that area. During the prenatal time period, an individual is faced with a conglomeration of influences that consists of thetan, body, genetic entity, mother, and environmenttal influences such as people and their cases, drugs and alcohol, medications, tobacco smoke, often implanters and other beings on another plane, etc. This is in addition to the fact that during the gestation period, the child is at total effect of his environment, not only totally dependant on the mother for his survival but also totally vulnerable to any surrounding influences. He is like a sponge that tends to absorb anything and everything, especially during stressful moments.

Then there is the matter of agreement between entities (and by "entities" I mean in the generic, non-scientological dictionary sense) which can cause cross copying and persistence of pictures. As if that weren't enough, the prenatal area is generally pretty occluded, making it very unlikely that the aberrations from that time period would ever be casually observed and therefore erased.

In running this period of time on PCs, I have found that the issues that came up and got erased were issues that the PC had been taking for granted to the point of their being invisible, all his life.

A major benefit of this approach is the ability to get the PC to disentangle himself from other entities around him and therefore be able to lead a more self-determined and causative life as well as be able to run Scientology processing more effectively, including exteriorization and other O.T. drills.

Another major benefit is better health for the body. While a person may be clear himself, his body and GE are not. This is why clears can have colds, get exhausted, get cancer, and have other physical problems. This even extends to emotional problems where the person knows that he's not feeling bad himself but is fighting off an urge to feel sad or depressed or something else.

There are a few phenomena pertaining to this rundown which have so far been consistent. One of those is the fact that if the prenatal area is scanned from conception to birth, only one incident or related series of incidents will show up. This fact takes the hazard out of the equation. Another is that if one scans through the area in general repeatedly in an attempt to flatten the whole prenatal area at once, one may get lucky and have a PC who blows incidents by inspection or has little charge in that area. Even in the best of circumstances it would be unlikely that this would rid that area of all the charge, but rather result in a key out. One could also be not so lucky and wind up bogging the PC down in overwhelming charge that will not resolve if one continues along that track. In between those two extremes could be some combination of both, though I haven't subjected people to it in order to find out, so I'm just assuming that point. Of the two scenarios I would say the latter would be far more likely.

A third phenomenon is that if the auditor does not give the command "with regard to the body and GE", he is more likely to get incidents that only involve the thetan while overlooking the incidents that are important to the body and GE.

A fourth phenomenon is that the most likely scenario is that the GE enters the body around conception while the body's own life force also starts at conception but on a separate track. When they merge they make a kind of third dynamic group known as the body/GE. So they can be addressed that way in processing unless because of some incident they get estranged from one another. The sperm and ovum likewise are separate until they join together to form their own third dynamic called the body. Of course the body's life force will be an extension of the parents' life force.

These phenomena become important and have to be taken into account when running the shock moment from the various viewpoints.

The procedure runs as follows:

• Before beginning, be sure that the PC has been able to access the prenatal area in his auditing.

• It would also be a good idea to have the PC run out his birth incident before starting this rundown. That would leave only conception as the known major incident.

• Ask the PC if he has a concept of the beginning and the end of that period of time (i.e. conception and birth)

• Give command: "move to the beginning of that period of time"

• Give command: "from that point forward to birth, with regards to the body and GE, move through to the end of that period of time"

• At this point the auditor asks the PC what came up as he scanned. If that period is a total blank then I would not venture any further and move the PC onto some other processing. What the auditor wants is either a single incident or a single series of incidents related by a common theme. In the later commands, the auditor will use either the term "incident" or "series of incidents" as appropriate.

• The auditor then takes up that incident or series of incidents and establishes that as the thing to be run hereafter. If the PC gives a feeling, such as "lonely", that would be taken as a theme, probably consisting of several incidents. The general scanning of that entire period of time of gestation will be ended at this point for this session, and the focus on the new incident or series of incidents will have begun.

• The auditor will now begin to treat that incident or series of incidents just as he would any incident, using the entire R3X procedure down to the shock moment from all viewpoints. No need to include the phrase "with regards to the body/GE" here.

• The viewpoints that should be taken into account when running the shock moment include (but are not limited to) the body/GE, the mother, any people in the environment who might have been an influence such as relatives, any spiritual entities that might have had an influence on the incident. Other possibilities that may or may not be playing a part in the drama is the person's spirit body (or theta body) and the mother's body/GE . Of course I always include the pan-determined viewpoint and the viewpoint of a higher beingness as mentioned at earlier times.

• In running the conception incident, the viewpoints that should be included for the shock moment handling are the GE, the sperm, the ovum, the sperm and ovum combined, the mother, the father, and the competing sperm who failed to reach their destination.

• In the case where they GE gets separated from the body in an incident, such as one that includes such things as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or implanting, the viewpoints taken in running the shock moment should include the GE separately, the body separately, and the GE/body combination.

After this incident is completely flattened, the PC, on the next occasion, can be sent through that period of time once again getting the next incident or series of incidents to be run with the R3X procedure the same way as this one was.

At some point the scanning of the prenatal period will no longer indicate any charge to the PC. After that the auditor can then start incorporating the special attention commands into the procedure.

At this time I have not taken anybody beyond the thought-counter-thought butttons.

This system can also be used to take a PC through a tumultuous period such as a war or a period of incarceration, torture, violence or abuse etc.

Robert D.