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April 20, 2003 on R3X Course

Remote Metering

Because of the phone processing setup, I use the meter on myself while running the Pc, and have been doing so for years. That way I can telepathically track with the Pc much more easily than otherwise. It's an ability that anyone is capable of. It's important to get a good Free Zone meter and set the sensitivity relatively high. On the Clarity meter I always set the sensitivity at 32 for remote metering.

Not Indicating F/Ns

When Dianetics is audited without a meter, one needn't indicate F/Ns. I figure why not follow the same method whether a meter is used or not. I never indicate F/Ns because I audit remotely by phone and use a meter remotely and telepathically by holding onto the electrodes myself. I have found no liability to not indicating F/Ns, plus it eliminates the meter dependency factor as well as wrong indications.

Handling of Rudiments

Of course the drugs-alcohol-aspirin-sleep-food issues still apply. As to problems, ARC breaks, and missed withholds, if the Pc has out-ruds, I merely have him lock scan from the previous session to present time. I accomplish that with the help of the Six-Direction process. The commands are:

1. Get a concept of that period of time.
2. Put it above you..... (etc. with the 6-Dir process)
3. "Move to the beginning of that period of time" "Scan through to the end of that period of time."

That's the basic formula, but the auditor can tailor-make the procedure to suit the Pc and the circumstance.

Robert Ducharme