New PC assessment

September 12, 2004 on R3X Course

From a private e-mail to and from Robert on the subject of how to find out what to run on a new client:

At 11:06 AM 9/11/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Robert,
>It's a question of writing about something that is probably so obvious
>to you, but isn't obvious to someone who has not audited a lot of
>Someone telephones you and says, "Er, hello, is that Mr. Ducharme?...
>My name is Mrs. Jones. I got your name from Dr. Kendrick, who
>suggested that I call you."
>What happens next? "Tell me, Mrs. Jones, what seems to be the
>problem?" Or, "Mrs. Jones, who are the main people in your life?"
>Or, "Mrs. Jones, what is your attention on?"
>Or, "Mrs. Jones, what causes the most stress in your life?"
>Would you first go for terminals? Feelings? Periods of time generally?
>Please give a bit more detail.

It's very intuitive. I just give a D of P interview and find out what needs to be handled. It's like one does Book-1 auditing. You 2-way comm with the person to find out what the person's needs are.and then handle them. I don't have any complicated system, but if anyone needs one, the R3RA model will do.

When I run out of troublesome incidents (like father's death, or operations, or his past regarding his suppressive boss), I will normally do life scanning, then do whatever chains need to be addressed, and when I know the person can run basic-basic with the shift, I can then go on to running the dynamics.