Handling body problems via the body and GE

January 6, 2013

From post to DianeticR3X Yahoo group

This writeup is preliminary and has only been worked on one person so far. However, the theory is sound, and so I feel confident about writing about it before having done full testing and evaluation on it. I feel that others can test it on people to see how broadly applicable it is. Some Pcs I presume will not have enough reality on the elements of this procedure to be able to run it. Auditor discretion is advised. Pcs best suited for this procedure would probably be Clears and OTs.

This approach is taking the subject of body handling in a different direction, though it still aligns with R3X.

Before doing such a dianetic assist however, it would be good to run a battery of scientology assist processes as one would find in the Assists Handbook. Such processes as Reach and Withdraw on body or body part, "From where could you communicate to...", Hellos and Okays, etc. are useful in helping to separate the Pc from his body case, as well as get him in better comm with his body and GE. If necessary the auditor could also run hellos and okays on the body/GE.

The auditor should be knowledgeable about the data regarding the body's cellular life as well as the GE, from reading the relevant chapters in the book A History of Man.

One would also first run the normal R3X procedure on the this-lifetime chain and go whole track if it's warranted. The writeups for this are in the R3X materials.

In running the body/GE on an item, say a tumor, one could have the Pc ask the body/GE for an incident from this lifetime (including the prenatal area) associated with his condition. Meter reads are followed by the auditor, of course. Steering applies here too.

Once the incident to be run is located, the patter would go something like:

Auditor: "Assume the viewpoint of the body and GE"
Pc: (ack)
Auditor: "From the viewpoint of the body & GE, move to that incident"
Pc: (ack)
Auditor: "What's the duration of the incident?"
Pc: (answer)
Auditor: "From the viewpoint of the body & GE, move to a point just before the incident began."
Pc: (ack)
Auditor: From the viewpoint of the body & GE, move through to the end of that incident.
Pc: (ack)
Auditor: "what happened"
Pc: (answer)
Auditor: "From the viewpoint of the body & GE, get that incident and put it above you, put it below you, etc.

The whole procedure is run like usual R3X procedure, except the auditor has to watch for an early EP and not overrun the incidents along the chain.

The auditor could ask for earlier and earlier incidents from this lifetime on this chain and run them out the same way.

Previous lifetimes are not addressed on this procedure. The present body/GE combination is unique to this lifetime.

The auditor will probably have to experiment on this procedure and arrive at a final patter that works for him.

It really pretty simple. It's simply having the Pc become the auditor and having him audit his own body/GE on the relevant incidents.

The special attention buttons can be applied, but most of the commands will probably not be necessary if the EP is reached early and the incident becomes completely resolved for the body/GE.