Feedback on Quantum R3X

March 7, 2011 from R3X Blog

I'm posting a couple of messages on the subject. One is from a client who wrote to me right after reading the recent writeup:


This is excellent! I noticed much of what is written about to be identical to what you and I have run during sessions.

I will enjoy rereading this for deeper understanding. Thank you!

All the best,

The next comes from Elaine, a Class VI grad who recently received a Quantum R3X session:

Date: Feb 25, 2011 1:49 AM

Robert's Quantum R3X... to the rescue !!!

Robert, Thank You for calling this evening to share your good news and then asking me, "How are you doing?"

Well !!! Robert immediately offered a session and off we went doing Quantum Leaps through ALL of the dynamics and beyond to the Sea of the Gods. I hope you feel it as you were all includied as we spotted layers of clusters and stuck flow traced back to the original postulate. It was actually fun and quite an adventure we transversed this evening. Everything is quite a bit lighter, look around !

Thank you, my dear friend. It was an honor traveling the "distance' with you this evening.

Much Everlight Love,

Robert D