October 10, 2003 on R3X Course

From: A post to the FreeZone America Board:
Posted on Friday, October 10, 2003 - 10:56 pm:

When I run a Pc on an item, I will make sure to leave each incident flat before moving on to the next incident, unless of course the Pc brings up the next incident, at which time he should be run on that. If the Pc brings up several incidents at one time though, I will normally handle them all at once.

I don't run "marathon sessions" any more. One to two hours is average for a Dianetic session. Often a chain will be run over the span of several sessions. I always make sure to leave the session with the incident flattened. But until the entire chain is completely flat and the shift run, the Pc may still dramatize the item between sessions, and often will. Often the key-out from the session will last a couple of days after which the dramatization will resume. Of course, if the chain is abandoned, it will eventually "key out", and the person will normally feel the same after the item has been run as before, or maybe somewhat better, but the item will still be far from completely handled.

So, between sessions, dramatizations of the item can be expected in many cases. But it's usually no worse than before the chain was started on. If the item is run, even on four flows, on just this lifetime, or a few lifetimes back without going further, no matter how "wonderful" the EP was, the item will likely continue to plague the Pc. Any further "handlings" on the item other than continuation of the chain will only be more solutions upon solutions - in other words, Q and A. The item, to be handled correctly, MUST be taken to its pre-MEST basic incident and the shift handled. Sometimes you can get away with not handling the shift, but too often that will end up with a still-charged basic that will rob the Pc of benefit of the full E.P. (item stably no longer an issue; Pc takes full responsibility for its initial creation; regained aspect of self previously tied up in maintaining the item) I'd much rather be safe than sorry. No harm is done by running the shift handling commands once even if they're already flat.

Now I've been talking here about life ruins, not just wimpy items that one runs on things like the Dianetic drug rundown. I only run items that really indicate to the Pc. Dianetic drug rundowns are something else.

Robert D.