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April 19, 2002 on R3X Course

From a post to the R3X thread on the Freezone America Board:
Posted on Friday, April 19, 2002 - 01:40 pm:


I gave a session to a Pc who had previously achieved an "ascencion experience" or "epiphany" (I hate to call it simply "exteriorization"). Three days later he started having chronic tired feelings. So I had him run the whole period of time with a combination of R3R narrative and 6-Dir. Afterwards he said he still was stuck on the part about the crash. So I had him get that point of crash (coming down) and did the 6-Dir process on that until it went flat. He cognited, reluctantly, on his own participation in the whole debacle. Afterwards he said he felt back on top again and his tired feelings and headache were suddenly gone. He just realized that staying on top of things required him to maintain a certain level of ethics in order for him to accomplish that.

Several times I was tempted to revert to some other process (though I knew better) since the 6-Dir process was taking some time (about 180 commands in all), but in the end persistence in sticking to the same process paid off.

Two lessons were evident here:

1. Adding complexities to a Dianetic processing program like correction lists, int/ext, prepchecking, L&N, etc., not to mention DCSI or Clear Certainty R/D was not needed to handle this type of problem. Dianetics in one form or another is a universal solvent for problems.

2. Persistence on one course rather than deviating from procedure pays off.

For all practical purposes, 6-Dir, Before/After and narrative style Dianetic R3R are interchangeable in Dianetic sessions, though they each serve specific functions. I've never run into any problems in interchanging them.

Robert D.