Completion of between-lives area

January 7, 2011 from R3X Blog

Dear all,

I recently received a message from a Pc (processee) as follows:

Date: Jan 4, 2011 3:22 PM

Robert, some feedback after yesterdays session.

Today, the whole day in fact, I have felt much lighter than I ever recall feeling. Just a general feeling, easy to breathe easy to move and so on, but it is clearly different from before our last session so I wanted to let you know. To me, it sure feels like a good win.
Talk to you on thursday

What's notable about this is that, having finished the prenatal rundown (as posted in the previous message), I have been running him exactly the same way on the recent between-lives period. Before this win, we had contacted and run 17 different between-lives incidents, all of them containing heavy electronic implantings of one sort or another. One of the things he noticed during that running was how, on a higher level outside of space/time, he had ultimately been orchestrating the events himself in conjunction with some other being(s).

Yesterday (Thursday) we had the next session and I had him scan the entire between-lives period again "with particular attention to any shock moments", but this time the whole area was completely clean. So this session report comes on the heels of having completed the entire cycle of the between lives area. The interesting thing I find is that he rarely writes success stories, but this time he did and it happened immediately after the final between lives incident had been run. So, as I see it, this could be viewed as a genuine E.P. for that rundown.

Similarly he had win after having completed the prenatal rundown itself consisting of 28 incidents (one session for each). He originated that he had noticed having a "much greater sense of well-being". This was originated just prior to the last session run on the pre-natal area.

In addition to all this, on several occasions, the incident being run contained one or more participants which had been hanging around him or been "part of his beingness" ever since the incident and influencing his life in one subtle way or another. This was handled by running the Excalibur procedure of Capt. Bill's, which is simply a combination of NOTs and addressing an entity with dianetics after asking "What incident are you stuck in", as LRH described in a 1952 lecture.

We are now on the path of clearing out his last few lifetimes using the same procedure, starting with the last lifetime.

One advantage (of many) of running recent past existences is that a person can see the pattern of behavior that led him into the continuous chain of rebirths and deaths and disabilities, and so he can better be able to plan out his future existences. It's as George Santayana once wrote "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Between receiving auditing and knowing how to practice it on oneself, it's pretty certain that one can be better prepared for his future existences.

Robert D.