Charged Terminal Rundown caution

September 2, 2010 from R3X Blog

In running the charged terminal rundown, it must be emphasized that this procedure is not for everybody. Highly charged cases, especially beginners, often have a hard time running a single heavily charged incident, let alone a group of them at once. In choosing who to run the in-depth version of the charged terminal rundown, the auditor must be very selective and pick only those who are better able at "blowing by inspection".

In running the charged terminal rundown, what normally happens after scanning is that one or more incidents gets stirred up. These incidents that get stirred up are normally related and so should be able to be run as a "series of incidents". If a single incident comes up, then that incident should be taken up and run out before continuing.

With people who are able to blow incidents by inspection, stopping to run out each incident or series of incidents that come up may not be necessary. It all depends on the state of the PCs case. In any case, the auditor has two watch out for the possibility of bogging down the PC by over restimulating his track.

The safer way to go about it is to run the original version of the charged terminal rundown, that is, running it without the special attention commands. The more thorough way is preferred as long as the PCs case is up to it.

I've been having a tremendous amount of success running the thorough version of the charged terminal rundown regarding the body and GE, but I'm very careful in taking up only one incident or series of incidents at a time as they come up. So if I have the person scan the prenatal area, I will have him scan through only one time before taking up the incident or series of incidents, with the complete R3X procedure, that happens to come up with that scan. This could turn out to be a long, drawn-out affair, but many of the lifelong physical, mental, emotional issues can be terminatedly handled by addressing the body/GE, especially in such a basic area as the period before birth. If a person wishes to run advanced Scientology processes, he can do it best by handling any and all body rudiments problems before hand. It's not about "care of the body", it's about taking the influence of the body/GE/life force out of the picture before moving on to high level processes. Other terminals, such as parents and siblings, are secondary to the body/GE, though they may have to be addressed first if the case calls for it.