Black static

July 3, 2013

From post to DianeticR3X Yahoo group

Once in a while the auditor and Pc encounter a black static thetan in session. Captain Bill Robertson had his own definition of these, which I found to be fairly limited in scope. I am here using my own definition of the terms black static and black static thetan. According to my definition and my session observations, a BST (black static thetan) is a thetan whose origins are in an energy field that could be called black static. Most thetans at the beginning of track came from Static to become happy, playful thetans. A few came out with a huge ARC break, joining a field called black static. It is a field from which demon entities spawn. Thetans who came into being via this route normally have no recollection of ever having been Static. Their original separation from Static incident was in the form of a huge ARC break with which they have justified evil actions from that point forward. Their whole modus operandi is destructive behavior towards positive thetans and a desire to consume their energy. They dramatize hate, rage and other emotions that originated in their original ARC break.

In auditing these entities out, they are treated in the same way normal entities are. The procedure is written up elsewhere in the R3X materials. The one thing that makes the black static thetan different is that they tend to be basically evil in nature, or at least they consider everyone else to be "fair game". By "basically evil" I mean that their origins are in black static. So they will often swear that black static is their origin point. The auditor must get the Pc to get the BST to see that its origin is in Static. This is not always easy. If the BST balks at remembering when asked "What were you before you became that (black static)", then the auditor should instruct the Pc to act as a sonar device and pick up the answer as the question bounces off the entity's bank, as opposed to waiting for the entity to actively answer. The incident that entity is stuck in is almost certainly the original separation from Theta, which will be found to be extremely charged. That is run the usual way. The Before/After process can be used too, like "have him spot a moment before separation from static, have him spot a moment after separation..." etc.