Auditing Dianetics on a Clear

January 6, 2012

From post to DianeticR3X Yahoo group

I just finished doing a session on a person who had achieved the state of clear in the last lifetime, had done the CCRD in the church and was told he was no longer eligible to be run on Dianetics.

The PC in question had a chronic somatic in the chest area for most of his life. This would get re-stimulated whenever he would start to feel anxiety. There seemed to be a connection between feeling anxiety and the chest somatic.

I found that as a Dianetics PC he ran very rapidly and smoothly and reached a flat point quickly. I started to have him scan through the incident again with particular attention to hidden aspects, efforts, emotions, thoughts and shock moment, but never got past the hidden part. By then he had reached a good EP on the incident - at least as far as he, thetan, was concerned.

The main incident was one when he was two years old and he saw his mother coming down the stairs carrying his six-month-old baby sister, then tripping and dropping the baby. So after he reached an EP after a couple of scans through, I had him scan through the incident from the viewpoint of the baby followed by the 6-direction process on that. He had the cognition that she hurt her chest during the fall. Next I had him scan through the incident from the viewpoint of the mother. That elicited a lot of grief and feelings of remorse and being apologetic that he copied from her. He realized that he had a lifelong button on the subject of people apologizing to him. Next we ran the incident from the viewpoint of the body and GE with some more charge off from that viewpoint. By the end of the session he said that his chest area felt better, and his Temple was vibrating which he related to the third eye chakra as being active and releasing energy and said it felt good to him. By the end of the session he felt tremendous relief and elation.

So there you have it. Another Dianetics action on a clear, only you won't learn about doing it that way on the NED course. You have to apply some of the principles from the early lectures for this – KSW (as interpreted by the churchies) notwithstanding.

I go by what Ron said during the Clean Hands Congress:
"Stop looking at things as they ought to be and start looking at things as they are -- including Scientology -- and you will be much happier" -- LRH - Clean Hands Congress lecture 1 which I would only add "...and more successful".

By the way, as always, I requested permission from the PC (not on this list) to write this up for a list. He gladly gave his permission. He has also requested further sessions.