Alternate Confront process anomalies

October 21, 2009 from R3X Blog

The Alternate Confront process is a powerful process that can be used when the 6 direction process grinds, or when the auditor wants the Pc to confront the incident from a different angle.

Sometimes the Pc will say "I can confront all of it." to the question "What part of that incident could you confront?". To this the answer lies in the 1st Melbourne ACC lectures. The auditor simply says something like "I understand, but I'd like you to choose one specific item (object, action, or description) from the incident.".

If the auditor says "What part of that incident would you rather not confront" and the Pc immediately says something like "I'd rather confront it all" without running the process, that means the Pc has a misunderstood on the command and needs to be hatted on it. The auditor can tell the Pc that by "rather not confront" is meant "would feel less than perfectly comfortable in confronting".

"What part of ... would you rather not confront" is LRH's original wording, so I prefer to stick with that.