Additional processes

April 20, 2003 on R3X Course


Over and Under Process [Ed. note--now called "Six-Direction Process"]

Not to be confused with "Over and Under Solids" which LRH sometimes refers to "Over and Under". This process is done to undercut Dn and lock scanning in handling long or highly charged incidents, series of incidents, or periods of time.

The process periodically shows up on a robopost on the a.c.t. news group. It consists basically of having the Pc put the terminal (not an abstract idea) like a segment of track in each of the six directions. The commands are:

"Get that _____ and put it above you" "Good" "Put it below you" "Good" "Put it to the right of you" "Good" "Put it to the left of you" "Good" "Put it in front of you" "Good" "Put it above you" ... etc.

One can undercut the track-scanning function of this process by running the terminal first. For instance, before running the "period of time regarding Mother" one can run "Mother" with the O/U process, and then can run "Mother and self" afterwards. That action takes some of the charge off the top.

Before and After Process

This process is done mainly to help the Pc confront the specifics of an incident. It's often used to get the Pc past a stuck point.

The commands are: "Spot a moment before the incident" "Spot a moment after the incident."

Alternate Confront Process

This process can be done on a terminal when grinding occurs.

Commands: "What part (or about) that ...(terminal)... could you confront?" alternated with "What part (or about) that ...(terminal)... would you rather not confront?"

Robert Ducharme